• My name is Davide, I am the owner of Italian Touch Masonry. I am originally from Italy and I moved to the beautiful city of university place about 15 years ago. My passion for masonry was inspired by Mason artists from my home town in Italy where masonry is a form of ancient art craft. I have done extensive work in masonry and am proud of my portfolio that you can access in the Gallery under “Our work”. I would love to speak with you and set up at a time to help you to create a custom look for your residential or commercial project.

  • What is Masonry

    Masonry is a building process where units – typically bricks, blocks or stone – are laid on top of each other and joined by a bonding compound called mortar. When done well utilizing quality materials, masonry provides a strong and durable structure. When used as a structural element, units are used whole. When used as a design element, a thinner, front face of the unit is used. This is called a veneer.

  • Benefits of Masonry


    • Durable construction
    • Superior resistance to projectiles from storms or other impact
    • Provides good insulation (high R value), keeping hot air out during the summer and cold air out during the winter
    • Low maintenance time and cost
    • Can have attractive appearance
    • Heat resistant, offering a level of fire protection
    • Superior longevity
  • Stone Work

    Masonry is part skill and part art. That is why at Italian Touch Masonry, each of our team members is a masonry expert with decades of experience working with brick and stone. From commercial buildings to fine homes, we use smart design, quality products and superior craftsmanship to create beautiful work that will stand the test of time.   
    Our building materials include:


    • Natural Stone
    • Cultured Stone
    • Thin brick 
    • Block